C.O. Boyette Medical Clinic
216 Haslin Street | P.O. Box 310 | Belhaven, NC 27810 
Email:   cboyette@beaufortco.com


We Specialize in:

  • Family Medicine

  • Endoscopy

  • Minor and some major surgeries 




In December, 1964, Dr. Charles O. Boyette opened his office on the corner of Haslin and Water Streets.  Dr. Boyette had on that day completed his obligations to the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps as a flight surgeon and moved to Belhaven to begin the private practice of medicine in in a medically underserved area.  Primary Care for the entire family was the focus of the practice with obstetrics, emergency medicine and some surgery added.

In 1970 the practice facility was enlarged with the addition of the renovated Legion Building and additional services were provided and the clinic modernized.

During the fall of 1994 the entire clinic again was upgraded with the addition of a third mid section to house a totally new lab, Nursing station, Triage room and two additional examining rooms. A new computer system was installed and the business office was renovated.  Externally, the grounds were landscaped, Parking sites designated, and an emergency and handicap ramp were added.

In March, 1995 a 30 year anniversary was held in conjunction with the completion of the clinic renovations.

Simultaneously, recruitment of additional medical staff was seriously undertaken.  The intent was to provide continuity of patient services and staff security as well.  

The Charles O. Boyette Medical Clinic now has a staff of 22 employees, three physicians, one nurse practitioner and one physician assistant.  Active patient charts number into the thousands.  Health care services from the clinic extend to Pungo District Hospital, Hyde County Health Department, Cross Creek Health Care Facility, Autumn Field Rest Home and Hydeland Home Health Services.


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In case of an Emergency
during the time the clinic is closed, please call our on-call physician at 943-1080 or 943-4403.


216 Haslin Street  ::  P.O. Box 310 
Belhaven, NC 27810 
Email:   cboyette@beaufortco.com


Established 1964 


Office Hours:

Mon -Friday 
8am - 5 pm

Sat & Sun


Lab Hours

Mon- Friday 

8am - 5 pm

Certified RMT on Staff


For Health Questions or to make an Appointment:


Call (252) 943-6144



In case of an Emergency during the time the clinic is closed, please call our Physician on-call  @ 252-943-1080 or 252-943-4403.


C.O. Boyette

Medical Clinic


216 Haslin St

P.O. Box 310

Belhaven, NC 27810




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